Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So some time ago there were some posts at this site. It got me thinking about the fun idea of designing a pokemon based on me. So I did this, unfortunately it sat fro quite some time before I finally scanned it and then some time longer before I finally got it ready to post on-line. But here they are, Scrounge and Forage! This was a fun project to do and I recommend it as an exercise for anyone trying to just make something fun.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dangerous Folk

So if you were to look through my sketchbook you'd see that around February-late May I was sketching folks from the 1920s. This was all sketch work for a project not yet finished. Another game idea but I'll have to get Baron's of Tea off my plate first, that's job 1. Anyway as I was sketching I came up with this finished piece. I rather liked i and figured I'd finally post it! Folks from the 1920s are fun to draw. Also they were crazy, pole-sitting, non-stop multi-day dance-a-thons? Oh what people did before television, the radio and the internet!