Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The invisible hands of capitalism??

Hello everyone,

This past week has been a productive one for me. I started work on this puppy. I carved my block last Wednesday, and printed it Sunday afternoon. But I didn't stop there. the image itself is loosely based on a manticore. I started with that in mind and ended up with more of a man-spider. Anyway, it's maniacal and fun---for everyone! the block is printed on some pages from an old shorthand writer's manual. For a long time I've been wanting to create a series of prints, so that I'd actually have some artwork to sell. Its taken me some time and preparation but I think I've finally reached that point! I've opened an Etsy shop, so fresh it still has the fresh Etsy smell! And on it I have listed the print I just made. This color set is available in a limited edition of 15. Once they are sold that's it, no more. So if you're interested check it out--

Manticore Listing


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