Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two new works, exciting news and a reasonable explanation for delays

Hello all,

I see it's been two months to the day since I've posted here. For those who check regularly, sorry for the disappointing sum of posts as of late. It is my hope that this one makes up for it! For those of you don't know, I got married last month! There we go, reasonable explanation yes? It's been a lot of fun and now, on the other side of the wedding I'm actually finding time to work again, which is wonderful. I decided to only focus on the wedding prep/moving to Lancaster the month before. It is wonderful to be back and in our place. In the space between December and now I've managed to make two pieces. I'm not certain if the second is finished yet but it's a start that I'm pleased with thus far. And if that wasn't enough I wanted to take this time to announce my plans to launch a new comic! More details on THAT to follow (and maybe some teasers!)

Until I post again, stay rad!


I actually did this prior to the wedding when I was struck by a dash of creativity.

This one I like, though I'm not certain about the sides. I feel like something needs to be done on this one yet, though I open to other opinions. '~'

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