Thursday, July 01, 2010

Stare Off!

Hi Everyone,

In December of 2008 I posted an image that was the first of a set of Children's book illustrations. the problem was, I got kind of stuck after that, I didn't know which way to go with it. With getting married and all of the adjustments that and moving to a new place can bring in early 09 I didn't take much time to sit down to think it through either. I should note, this work is pro bono, it's a project I value and a project I want to do well. Fast forward a year, I sit down and start working on it again and this time make progress at last! I had worked on various illustrations for it through 09 but just had a difficult time making anything that worked. I think much of it revolved around the main female character, I was having difficulty designing a character that worked. Since December I have determined which illustrations still need to be made and that's a good feeling. I've been making progress, but with a full-time job and other projects on my plate as well, that progress comes slowly. But here is an image I finished recently for your viewing pleasure!

It's funny, I'm not really one who puts much stock in 'the muse'. I know that to be a good illustrator you've sometimes got to drum up the energy to make good illustrations even when you're not completely in the zone. But this book project has been special to me and the time to sit and mull over the project has been time well spent. I hope that the yield is worth the long wait!

I'd love to know what you think,


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Anonymous said...

GLORIOUS! I like the cut-out look. It looks crisp and polished but still feels more like the product of a man rather than a machine.