Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wooed by the Devil....

So I was going to write up a little post about our new kitten and how it is waterproof. It was climbing onto the kitchen table and, despite copious amounts of water flung via my hand from a mug of water, it remained curious and not even remotely bothered! Clearly this kitten must be genetically engineered. Perhaps we are looking at a new stage of kitten evolution. Even worse than antibiotic-resistant bacteria are waterproof kitties. Seriously, option two would be that the cat is not a physical entity, but merely some sort of astral projection. Either way I WAS going to write that both options mean that the kitten is most likely the vessel for the Antichrist, or, if nothing else, the Antichrist's freak hell cat pet thing. So then I was going to photograph the cat with my camera phone and then photoshop seven-ten other heads onto it. Probably give it red eyes, basically...the works. This of course, would be an accurate image of what the cat will one day become. So I sat Takun down for a photo shoot and just could not bring myself to photoshop it, it's TOO CUTE! Clearly it's Antichristical (yeah I know I made that word up, but use it a few times and you'll want it to be a real word too) kitten, it even causes my snarky photoshoping abilities and desires to turn to butter before it. So just um, watch out. I'll be watching for when it grow that second head, THEN we'll see if it's too cute to photoshop then! Meh.

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